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Novel Books - reading, stories, drama, intrigue
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A riveting mystery novel about a detective hired to find a missing woman. Readers can't help but become absorbed in this book as the story unfolds and shocking secrets are discovered. The suspense is unrelenting with twists and turns that lead to a startling climax. Soon to be available.

Novel Books, Stories of intrigue, drama
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A mesmerizing drama about a doctor trapped in a world from which he cannot escape. One day he sees a way out, but the path he takes is tortuous and deadly and changes his life forever.    - - A spellbinding page-turner.

Novel Books - intriguing drama story books.
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A tender story about Beth Stuyvesant, a young school teacher haunted by her past and threatened by her future. Beth endures the pain of dealing with a mother afflicted with ALS, an abusive father, and an ill-fated love affair. The reader will be captivated from start to finish.

A new and talented writer with a remarkable sense of storytelling encompassing carefully crafted characters that boldly come to life. His stories are both powerful and timely.
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